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Dr. med. Dr. dent. Pascal Büchel
Maxillofacial surgery, Ruggell

"As a maxillofacial practice, I see many patients with TMJ problems. The FOS splint is a successful therapy tool. I have been convinced of its effectiveness for many years."

Dr. Enisa Berovic
Dental practice Dr Reto Neeser & Antje Straub, Aarau

"Patient feedback is crucial for me. The splint is comfortable to wear and in a short time patients are symptom-free".

Dr. med. dent. Robert Bötschi

"Patients who previously wore an NTI splint find the FOS splint much more comfortable to wear"

Dr. med. dent. et med. Ingrida Lüönd

"The milled FOS rails fit great, I don't have to grind them in additionally".

FOS upper and lower jaw splints

Prefabricated matrices adapted by the dentist

indivudell milled rails. NOW NEW!

Anterior splints & Michigan splints