FOS Workshop (course language French)


BEVAIX, Hôtel restaurant du Cygne (Rue du Temple 8)


Wednesday, June 14, 2023, 5:15 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.


med. dent. Marc Ehle
Private practice, La Neuveville



  • Indications and crown trauma indications
  • Patient information and recall
  • Referral options with physiotherapy, osteopathy and doctors
  • Handling of difficult cases
  • Comparison of FOS vs. Michigan in terms of profitability and time expenditure
  • Tariff positions Dentotar


  • Mutual fitting of an FOS splint in a two-person team
  • Which splint for which indication?
  • FOS in the lower or upper jaw?
  • Subsequent assessment of the adapted splint with the lecturer

Course fee 380,00 CHF per participant
(Limited to 14 participants)

4 hours of training will be credited.

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Course fee 380,00 CHF per participant (Limited to 14 participants)

In case of cancellation by the participant up to 2 weeks before the course date, the course fee will be refunded minus a handling fee of CHF80. In case of later cancellation or no-show, the full course fee is due.