"I was able to sleep well with the FOS Michigan splint right from the 1st night. It did not restrict or hinder my sleep at all".
Angie S.Patient

"I had tense jaw and neck muscles and headaches almost every morning. Since I've been wearing the FOS splint, the discomfort has been massively reduced. After 3-4 nights I have already got used to the splint. The splint is comfortable to wear as it is only placed over the upper front teeth."

Romana F.Patient

"The milled FOS rails fit great, I don't have to grind them in additionally".

Dr. med. dent. et med. Ingrida LüöndWell

"I had severe daily headaches with tense neck and shoulder muscles.
Relief was provided by an FOS mandibular splint. The splint doesn't bother me at all when I sleep."

Valentine B.Patient

"I wore Michigan splints for several years. Then the NTI-tss, which broke in two after about a year. Today I wear an FOS upper jaw splint. I find it liberating that I can slide my jaw freely left and right without the splint clinging to my teeth. I find the fact that the splint holds four teeth perfect. In summary, I can say that the FOS splint helps me best and is the most comfortable to wear."


"When I have a stressful situation, I wear the FOS anterior splint for one night, and then the jaw feels relaxed again. I've been doing that off and on from time to time for 5 years."

Ilse F.Patient

"Since wearing the FOS splint every night, my tension headaches have decreased massively. After a few nights of getting used to it, the little dental splint has become a familiar sleep buddy for me and doesn't bother me in any way. The fact that the dental splint could be created in one trip to the dentist so I could take it home right away was a huge time saver. I am extremely happy to be rid of my never-ending headaches after all these years!"

Nadine K.Patient

"Patients who previously wore an NTI splint find the FOS splint much more comfortable to wear"

Dr. med. dent. Robert BötschiAmriswil

"Patient feedback is crucial for me. The splint is comfortable to wear and in a short time patients are symptom-free".

Dr. Enisa BerovicDental practice Dr Reto Neeser & Antje Straub, Aarau
"As a maxillofacial practice, I see many patients with TMJ problems. The FOS splint is a successful therapy tool. I have been convinced of its effectiveness for many years."
Dr. med. Dr. dent. Pascal BüchelMaxillofacial Surgery, Ruggell